Crusaders Outreach Ministries

Crusaders Outreach Ministries is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by sharing the Word of God to all nations. (Matthew 28:18-20). We endeavor to be a witness to the salvation in Jesus Christ in the community, to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ by teaching believers in the way to true discipleship.  Dr. Miles is an ordained Pastor and Teacher who is the Shepherd and Spiritual Leader of Crusaders Christian Community Church.

Adult Retreat

Four day Religious Retreats for adults out of the Los Angeles area is designed for spiritual renewal, rest, fellowship, and recreation.

Family Ministries

Family Ministries are designed to assist families in becoming spiritually strong through the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We show religious films and conduct discussion groups related to the films in order to provide assistance with family relationships and getting along with each other.  There are family picnics once per year, workshops, seminars, and other events and activities.

Biblical Teaching

Strong emphasis is placed on Biblical teaching through Wednesday Night Bible Study and the Abundant Life Bible Study each Sunday morning.  We have trained Bible teachers that conduct Sunday morning classes for children, youth, young adults and adults.

Christian Youth Fellowship

Evangelize and disciple youth to provide a solid foundation in the teachings of our Lord through Bible study, youth fellowships, discussion groups, retreats away from the Los Angeles area.

Singles Ministry

A Ministry designed to minister to the spiritual needs of Single Persons as well as Single Parents.

Cooperation with Other Christian Organizations

As a member of the Southern California Conference of Community Churches we provide scholarships to high school graduates who are members of one of the community churches in the organization and we join together to minister in the community by feeding the hungry.

Ministry Support to Convalescent Patients

Evangelize and disciple patients at a Convalescent home, near the Church, by administering a service with singing, praying and a short sermon.  Follow up visits are made during the week for patients who have no family members to drop in for a visit.  Additional assistance is provided to the patients during the Christmas Holidays through caroling and the giving of care baskets.

Provide Support for Federally Funded Groups

Provide a school for Inglewood's Head Start Program.  This is a free academic governmental program for families with children 3-5 years old who meet income requirements in the Inglewood area.